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1) General Questions

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1) Mailbox Questions
Apart from a secure and convenient mailbox service, we also offer Mail Forwarding, Mail Tracking, Phone-in Mail check services among others. Click HERE to view our complete service offerings.
The Mail box can any parcels on your behalf. The Mail Box can act as your Commercial Mail Receiving Agent and we can accept parcelPlus with our "Mail Ready" Alert System, you can get notified as soon as your mail arrives! s for you.
Signing up is easy. Simply fill out our form linked HERE and you'll receive an email containing our Application Form and the USPS Form 1583 as well as our online Discount confirmation number. After you fill out the forms, please bring it over to our office along with 2 valid IDs and we'll set you up with your very own Mailbox.
If you're always traveling or on the move, private mailboxes are a great idea. This allows you to maintain a consistent long-term address. Mail forwarding is often a service that's offered by private mailbox companies like The Mail Box - Postal Service of Hawaii, so you can have your mail forwarded to a specified destination.

If you're running a small business from home, renting a private mailbox gives you a more professional image than a conventional P.O. Box number.

To prevent your packages from being left at the door which can be easily stolen or damaged in bad weather, private mailboxes can hold on to your packages for you.

Unlike a P.O. Box, UPS and FedEx can to deliver to private mailboxes like The Mail Box - Postal Service of Hawaii. Plus, you can sign up for our daily alert system via Twitter and text message that informs you that your mail and packages are available for pickup.

A private mailbox protects you from identity theft. Most street-side mailboxes don't have a lock so your personal information can be easily stolen.
The United States Postal Service's Form 1583 acts as a written authorization that allows a Commercial Mail Receiving Agent (CMRA) like The Mail Box to receive mail on our customers' behalf. This form is required so that we can issue you a mailbox and it gives us permission to receive your mail. Need help filling out the form? Here's a resource page that might help:
The following is a list of acceptable IDs as listed on Form 1583:
Valid driver's license or State non-driver's ID card
Passport, alien registration card ("green card"), certificate of naturalization
Armed Forces, Government, University or Company /work ID
Voter or vehicle registration card
Home or vehicle insurance policy
Current lease, mortgage or Deed of Trust
One ID must have a photograph of the addressee. Social Security cards, credit cards, and birth certificates are NOT acceptable.
Normally, if you bring this form in person and sign it in front of our Agent, you do not need to get the form notarized. However, if you are sending the form by mail, we do need it to be notarized.
Our Small mailboxes are 3"x 5"and are 15' deep. Medium sized mailboxes are 5"7" and are also 15" deep.
Yes. Please contact us directly at contact us so we can discuss how to assist you in upgrading to a bigger mailbox.
Yes, we can replace your lost key; however, you will be charged the cost of replacement as well as for the lost key.
Yes we can. See our Mail domestic and international forwarding rates HERE.

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